Jumbo Balloons

Balloon Pros Philadelphia has dedicated time and effort into perfecting the art of designs with jumbo balloons. Jumbo balloons can light up a party, use tassels to encourage more fun, and deliver sophisticated elements to unexpected events. The options and possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to jumbo balloons because of the grand variety of color and additional elements such as LED light-up balloons and tassel attachments.

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Jumbo Balloons Philadelphia PA

Jumbo balloons are making a huge splash because of their size and what they deliver to balloon art. Even when you're having a small party for minor celebrations, these jumbo balloons can make a huge impression. Your jumbo balloons will help draw attention to things such as corporate events and grand openings, but they work well in everyday celebrations as well.

With a corporate event, jumbo balloons can mark entrances, help areas, and where customers can have their questions answered.  These balloons are a perfect way to lead people towards a main entrance balloon arch.

However, jumbo balloons don't just belong at these big corporate events. In fact, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and much more are turning to jumbo balloons for a little extra pizzazz. These balloons can outlast fresh-cut flowers or other flower alternatives substantially.

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Personalized Jumbos with Tassels Philadelphia PA

One of the biggest trends in the party balloon design community is personalized jumbos with tassels. These tassels embody that fun fringe that is visually appealing and exciting. The tassels sweep from the top of the floating balloon all the way down to the ground, making for excellent dance floor additions.

Jumbo balloons can range from 18-inches to 36-inches across and certainly make a statement. But, when you combine a balloon of this size with tassels, they're impossible to miss.

Turn to us for truly one-of-a-kind, personalized jumbo balloons. It’s an exceptional way to add to your event. At Balloon Pros Philadelphia we suggest using personalized jumbo balloons to complete the visual aesthetic for weddings, birthdays, gender reveals, and much more.

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